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"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."
EMS and the Fine Arts
Everyone enjoys music! 
It's all around us and lifts our spirits. 
Music helps us share our inner thoughts and feelings.
Participating in our Fine Arts Program creates a community of committed musicians!
It has been proven that playing a musical instrument has a direct impact on academic achievement!
At Edwards Middle School, we offer a variety of programs in the Fine Arts!
  • Band: An ideal school band consists of a balance of flutes, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, French horns, trombones, baritones, tubas and percussion. Band is a year-long course so you will need to sign up for both semesters. We have at least two concerts every year, one in winter and one in spring.   The Band also plays at pep rallies and visiting elementary schools.
  • Chorus:  Chorus is a musical ensemble where we sing and sometimes dance to music in a variety of styles and genres.  Students will learn techniques that will expand their vocal range, improve tone, and develop stage presence.  Chorus is a semester-long class, and students may join both semesters if their schedule allows.  We perform several times a year, including concerts at the end of each semester.
  • Orchestra:  Orchestra is a musical ensemble where students may choose to learn the violin, viola, or cello.  No experience is needed, only the desire to play beautiful music and work hard to practice new skills.  We play music in a variety of styles, listen and watch other orchestra musicians, and learn to read music.  We perform several times during the year, including concerts at the end of each semester.  Orchestra is a year-long class, so students will need to register for both fall and spring semesters.
  • General Music:  General Music is a class for 8th grade students only.  In this class, we focus on music appreciation, including learning the ukulele and keeping a listening journal.  Bring your unique musical skills and interests, and we will find a way to include them in our class!  General Music is a semester-long class.  Performance opportunities will be offered to students who are interested.
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